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Dejai warrants that the hardware product and all the internal components of the product that you have purchased or leased from Dejai are free from defects in materials or workmanship under normal use during the Limited Warranty Period. The Limited Warranty Period starts on the date of purchase or lease from Dejai. Your dated sales or delivery receipt, showing the date of purchase or lease of the product, is your proof of the purchase or lease date. You may be required to provide proof of purchase or lease as a condition of receiving warranty service. You are entitled to warranty service according to the terms and conditions of this document if a repair to your hardware is required within the Limited Warranty Period. This Limited Warranty extends only to the original purchaser or lessee of this product and is not transferable to anyone who obtains ownership of the product from the original purchaser or lessee.

During the Limited Warranty Period, Dejai will repair or replace the defective component parts or the hardware product. All component parts or hardware products removed under this Limited Warranty become the property of Dejai. The replacement part or product takes on either the Limited Warranty status of the removed part or product or the thirty (30) day limited warranty of the spare part. In the unlikely event that your product has a recurring failure, Dejai , at its discretion, may elect to provide you with a replacement unit of Dejai's choosing that is at least equivalent to your product in hardware performance. Dejai reserves the right to elect, at its sole discretion, to give you a refund of your purchase price or lease payments (less interest) instead of a replacement. This is your exclusive remedy for defective products.

Extended Warranty Services

Dejai understands that warranty alone does not meet the support needs of customers. Irrespective of the hardware your organisation owns, Dejai can provide a warranty solution to suit both your budget and needs. As a Business partner with many industry leading hardware vendors Dejai can provide hardware manufacturer standard and enhanced warranties for any hardware you may purchase. Dejai will not only repair your hardware, but can provide on-site pickup, warranty process management, data migration and return to site with installation and configuration as value add services over and above standard warranties.


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