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Dejai Warranty options
Dejai understands that warranty alone does not meet the support needs of customers. Irrespective of the hardware your organisation owns, Dejai can provide a warranty solution to suit both your budget and needs. As a Business partner with many industry leading hardware vendors Dejai can provide hardware manufacturer standard and enhanced warranties for any hardware you may purchase. Dejai will not only repair your hardware, but can provide on-site pickup, warranty process management, data migration and return to site with installation and configuration as value add services over and above standard warranties.

Standard Hardware Warranty

Most hardware comes with a one to three year parts and labour warranty with either pickup or on-site warranty. If you purchased your hardware from another vendor, simply provide your purchase receipt details when logging the warranty call. If you purchased the hardware from us, simply contact us and we will make all of the arrangements for you. All hardware manufactures do not warranty data or software, so if you have important data or applications that need to be recovered and reinstalled, Dejai can provide this as an additional service.

Enhanced and Extended Warranties

Dejai can provide options that include enhanced support and response times for critical systems. If your have a system or server you simply can not do without, Dejai can provide enhanced warranties that provide 2 and 4 hour response times. Enhanced and extended warranties can provide protection for your business, with the availability of same day on-site response for hardware faults. Combine this with our flexible network and support service agreements and you're well on your way to giving yourself a bullet proof network. Enhanced services can be purchased at the time of hardware product purchase, or any time during the warranty period of the hardware product.

Software Warranties and installation

Dejai honours any software warranties provided by software manufacturers. Typically manufacturers will not make any efforts to retrieve data. The value of Dejai for warranty claims is that we provide data recovery for your business or personal files as an extra value add service. Dejai provides a standard installation warranty of 30 days for any installation of software that proves to be faulty through procurement of a network project.

White Box or Clone systems

For non tier one systems, Dejai provides a break fix service. Although systems cannot be covered by enhanced manufacturer warranties, Dejai will still support and fix your clone systems. We service these systems on an instance by instance case, with charges for service and parts as required. Any services over and above the physical installation of replacement hardware will be charged at standard or pre-paid discount rates.

The benefits of resolving issues with Dejai

  • Business partner with leading tier one hardware and software vendors.
  • Personal or business data recovery services for faulty systems.
  • Single point of contact for all your issues.
  • Personal and efficient business processes.
  • Highly trained and experienced technical staff.
  • Standard or Enhanced warranties available.
  • Quality hardware at discount prices.

Where can I find out more about the benefits of Dejai Extended Warranty Services?

To find out more about the benefits of Dejai Extended Warranty call Dejai on +61 3 88230000.

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