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Frustration with IT Systems stems from the mind-set that technology should work without intervention or upkeep. A common belief is that once systems are in place, things will run smoothly until the end of time. In reality, everyone knows that this is a fairytale.

However, there are good reasons behind this. We would not expect a car to run without a regular service where checks are performed and consumable parts are cleaned or replaced. Nor would we expect to drive a car without first learning to drive and obtaining a license. And we would certainly not drive a car without being aware of its temperature, oil and fuel levels. Yet many of us commit these crimes with our technology systems, even though they are infinitely more complex than a vehicle, and in many ways, we depend on them to a greater extent.

The Dejai SLA's are designed to prevent problems from happening in the first place, ensure that if problems do occur the consequences are limited, allow users to make the best use of the existing systems, and provide maximum systems reliability. There are two main components to the Dejai SLA's:





Preventative Maintenance
The primary purpose of a support plan is to provide preventative maintenance. Whether you like it or not, technology systems cost money to keep running. This can either be spent in a reactive way, chasing tails and putting out fires, or in a proactive way by preventing problems from occurring in the first place. By preventing crisis situations, businesses avoid the real cost of technology problems- downtime and lost productivity.

User Support
Most businesses understand that a certain amount of user support is required to keep computer systems running effectively. However, the cumulative effect of having 5, 10 or 20 users constantly battling with systems due to lack of support is often overlooked. Although users may still be able to work, the downtime and frustration caused by having to restart computers, troubleshoot email or network problems, or not having the skills to maximise the benefits of their computer systems carry a big cost - both in terms of downtime, and staff morale.

Prevention is Better than Cure
Businesses experiencing technology problems usually call an engineer onsite to rectify the problem. If this happens regularly, businesses come to believe that their systems are being looked after. What many people don't realise is that when a request is made for an engineer to fix a problem, that's usually all they do. A decision to invest in preventative maintenance is crucial.

The Best Way to Reduce IT Costs and Increase Business Effectiveness

Prevents problems from occurring in the first place. Ensures that if problems do occur, the consequences are limited.
Although savings in IT costs are important, the real benefits of maintenance come from reduced downtime. For each day that computer systems are down, the cost to a business is somewhere between $300 and $1200 per day per person (and that's assuming that no data is lost!) Given that a major technology problem might take between 2 and 5 days to resolve and for un-maintained systems, they are likely to occur more than twice a year, a support plan is an extremely worthwhile investment.

Check Network Health:
Do you really know the current state of your network and its surrounding infrastructure? What's missing and what's been missed? Dejai Health Checks from our base-line defence, allowing you to understand your network and how it is configured better. When you understand your network better and know what needs to be done, planning and budgeting becomes a key capability in your IT defence strategy. When performing a health check you get:

  • An overall one-page assessment of your network health.
  • Engineer recommendations and comments about what was found.
  • A analysis of all server hardware.
  • An assessment of the health of your servers
  • An indication of how vulnerable you are to viruses attack
  • Your Internet security and vulnerability assessed.
  • An indication the health of an example set of workstation


Proactive Maintenance:
Ever feel like all you are doing is reacting to problems on your network and that you should be detecting them before the problem occurs?

Dejai Proactive Maintenance is a must for every business, big or small. For a low monthly fee our engineers will regularly access your servers and assess many key potential problems and allow you to address them BEFORE they stop you doing your business. Proactive maintenance includes:

  • Detailed step by step assessment of each of your servers.
  • Monthly reviews of just how well your network is really running
  • Cost effective proactive maintenance of your network.





Total Technology Outsource:
Ever wonder how your core business came to include managing an IT business as well? Here at Dejai all we do is IT, it's what we do best, so that you can do what you do best. So why not get the people in who live and breathe IT, so you can get on with making money. Dejai offers the ability to provide a technology outsource agreement, sometimes called a Service Level Agreement (SLA) to manage key areas of your IT infrastructure.

Whether that is just a single server that you don't have the skills in-house to manage effectively, a desktop standard operating environment, or a complete outsourcing of all areas of your IT network, Dejai have the experience and skills to reduce your IT costs.

We can support all your systems, take the burden of managing dealing with third party support companies and remove the worry of managing projects and scheduled upgrades from your shoulders. No matter what the system or environment, business is done better when it's your core business, and you have a technology partner like Dejai backing you all the way. Technology out source agreements can include:

  • 2 or 4 hour response times for critical systems.
  • Guaranteed onsite time by one of our engineers
  • Dejai Hot Swap spares for the fastest fault resolution ever
  • Aspects of your network covered by highly trained and experienced staff
  • Specialist hard to find skills if required
  • Worry free, proactive network upgrades and project management.

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