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The Microsoft server products offer a comprehensive range of solutions for building an integrated and flexible business infrastructure.
From messaging and collaboration to database management, and from e-commerce to mobile information access, Microsoft servers offer the scalability, reliability, and manageability today's agile businesses need to remain competitive. Select from any of the following servers to learn more about how these servers can help you improve the way your company does business.
Small Business Server
Equip your small business with the flexible, integrated networking solution for businesses with 50 computers or fewer-featuring e-mail, fax, database, and secure Internet capabilities.

Small Business Server 2000 is the third-generation release of the full-featured network solution designed to help businesses with up to 50 computers take advantage of the Internet, strengthen customer relationships, and improve employee productivity. Delivering standard versions of the Microsoft .NET Enterprise Servers to small business, and providing the agility to compete in today's new economy, Small Business Server 2000 delivers Microsoft Windows® 2000 Server, plus Windows 2000 Server-based solutions for e-mail, fax, database, and secure, shared Internet access-all in one integrated solution for an exceptional value.
All of this powerful technology is integrated to enable a single, unified setup and centralised management across all of the component applications and even down to the clients. Small Business Server 2000 offers an integrated Windows 2000 Server native setup experience, remote server administration capabilities, rich server monitoring features, and alert-based reporting of critical server events, setting new standards for ease of installation, use, and administration.

Microsoft .NET Enterprise Servers

Application Center

Microsoft Application Center 2000 is Microsoft's deployment and management tool for high-availability Web applications built on Microsoft Windows® 2000. Application Center 2000 makes managing groups of servers as simple as managing a single computer.

BizTalk Server
Microsoft BizTalk™ Server enables you to rapidly build and deploy integrated business processes within your organization and with partners. BizTalk Server 2000 offers a suite of tools and services that make building business processes and integrating applications faster. Secure, reliable trading partner relationships can be quickly implemented independent of operating system, programming model, or programming language.

Commerce Server
Microsoft Commerce Server 2000 offers users a less complicated and less time-consuming way to build tailored, effective e-commerce solutions. By providing the application framework, together with sophisticated feedback mechanisms and analytical capabilities, you can quickly develop sites that optimize the customer experience, encouraging repeat business and forging tighter partner relationships.

Content Management Server
Microsoft Content Management Server 2001 dramatically reduces the time required to build and deploy content-driven Web sites that deliver high scalability, reliability, and performance. Content Management Server empowers content providers to manage their own content and provides site users with a targeted and personalized experience tailored to their profile and browsing device.

Exchange Server
Microsoft Exchange 2000 delivers a reliable, scalable, and manageable infrastructure with 24×7 messaging and collaboration and low cost of ownership. It supports a wide range of collaborative activities, including group scheduling capabilities, discussion groups, and team folders, and it provides access to information across geographic, organizational, and technology barriers with features such as Instant Messaging, real-time data, and video conferencing.


Host Integration Server
Microsoft Host Integration Server 2000 extends Windows to other systems by providing application, data, and network integration. Host Integration Server lets you quickly adapt to new business opportunities while preserving existing infrastructure investments.

Internet Security and Acceleration Server
Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2000 provides secure, fast, and manageable Internet connectivity. ISA Server integrates an extensible, multilayer enterprise firewall and a scalable high-performance Web cache. It builds on Windows 2000 security and directory for policy-based security, acceleration, and management.

Mobile Information Server

Microsoft Mobile Information 2001 Server is the application server that extends the reach of Microsoft .NET Enterprise Servers, enterprise data, and intranet content into the realm of the mobile user. It brings the corporate intranet to the latest generation of mobile devices, so users can securely access their e-mail, contacts, calendar, tasks, or any intranet line-of-business application in real time—wherever they happen to be.

SharePoint Portal Server
Microsoft SharePoint™ Portal Server uses the power of Microsoft's robust search technologies to create an intranet site that lets you easily access key content from a broader set of enterprise information. In addition, you can rapidly deploy an out-of-the-box portal site and easily use Web-Parts technology to customize a Web-based view of your organization.

SQL Server
Microsoft SQL Server™ 2000 is a complete, Web-enabled database and data analysis package that opens the door to the rapid development of a new generation of enterprise-class business applications that can give your company a critical competitive advantage. SQL Server provides core support for XML and the ability to query across the Internet and beyond the firewall.

Windows 2000 Server
The Windows 2000 Server builds on the strengths of Microsoft Windows NT® technology, integrating a standards-based directory, Web, application, communications, file, and print services with high reliability, efficient management, and support for the latest advances in networking hardware to provide the best foundation for integrating your business with the Internet.


Other Microsoft Server Products

BackOffice Server

Microsoft BackOffice® Server 2000 is the next version of the server suite for the Windows 2000 operating system. Designed for the branch office, department, and medium-sized business, it provides a wide range of infrastructure and application services including directory, networking, Web application, database, messaging and collaboration, Internet proxy and firewall, host integration, and Windows desktop management.

Microsoft Operations Manager
Microsoft Operations Manager 2000 delivers enterprise-class solutions for operations management of Windows 2000, the Microsoft Active Directory™ directory service, and other component services in Windows 2000, as well as .Microsoft NET Enterprise Server applications such as Exchange and SQL Server. For mixed IT environments, extensions are available from other software vendors like NetIQ.

Proxy Server
Microsoft Proxy Server 2.0 is an extensible firewall and Web cache server that provides Internet security while improving network response time and efficiency. Proxy Server 2.0 delivers the three things customers demand most for their intranet/Internet: high performance, extensible firewall security, and easy, comprehensive management.

Site Server
Microsoft Site Server 3.0 is a powerful intranet server that lets you easily gather and use information from Web sites, databases, file shares, and e-mail discussions to share the collective expertise of the organization.

Site Server Commerce
Microsoft Site Server 3.0 Commerce Edition is a comprehensive Internet commerce server your organization can use to build and monitor dynamic and cost-effective business sites that take full advantage of the Web. By providing a comprehensive set of server components, management tools, and sample sites, Site Server 3.0 Commerce Edition significantly reduces development time and costs for business-to-consumer (B2C), corporate-purchasing, and supply-chain-management applications.

Small Business Server
Microsoft Small Business Server 2000 is the flexible network solution designed to help small businesses with up to 50 computers get more done in less time. Small Business Server 2000 includes the reliable Windows 2000 Server network operating system, and is integrated for single, unified setup and centralized management so that you can Internet-enable your business, manage and grow customer relationships, and enhance company productivity.

SNA Server
Microsoft SNA Server 4.0 is a comprehensive gateway and application integration platform that provides the best way to embrace Internet, intranet, and client/server technologies while preserving investments in existing AS/400- and mainframe-based systems.

Systems Management Server

Microsoft Systems Management Server 2.0 includes detailed hardware inventory, software inventory and metering, software distribution and installation, and remote troubleshooting tools. These integrated features make Systems Management Server 2.0 the most scalable way to reduce the cost of change and configuration management for Windows-based desktop and server systems.


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