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Dejai provides leading information security management for networks, servers, applications and desktops. Not only does Dejai offer market-leading, management systems for security assessment, policy enforcement and intrusion detection, it also provides superior customer service, consulting and education offerings that significantly reduce the complexity and expense inherent in protecting assets. Our consultants' experience comes from years of direct involvement in implementing security solutions and resolving issues in organisations like yours.

In 1999, 1/3 of US companies had their computer systems penetrated by outsiders

According to the FBI and Computer Security Institute, one-third of companies in the United States say that outsiders penetrated their computer systems in 1999. The cost? Upwards of $10 billion in 1999. Factor in computer viruses and the total zooms another $15 billion - to $25 billion in total losses directly attributable to attack and misuse directed against key business data resources.

Although most organisations understand the need for security measures, the reality is that too many companies, from startups to Global 2000 enterprises, remain inadequately protected.

This security gap exists for several reasons.

First, information security is rarely a core competence for any organisation. Second, many non-technical executives see information security as somehow different from the risk management practices used in physical business operations. Third, many businesses rely on overly simplistic security practices to protect their online business assets.

Dejai approaches security and anti-virus through a complete life cycle approach, offering a managed solution that covers the full continuum of security needs.

This standards-based approach creates a continuous cycle of information security centered on five complementary areas: assessment, design, deployment, management, education and support. By using our customers' business objectives as the starting point for building an information security solution, Dejai avoids the trap of a one-size-fits-all approach to Internet security.


Standards-based, business-oriented solutions. Market-leading software. Innovative outsourced managed security services. Add it up and Dejai delivers The Power to Protect. And that confidence in turn gives Dejai customers the power to grow.

Organisations depend highly on the messaging and workflow automation provided by groupware. Many organisations store gigabytes of e-mail messages, document databases and mission critical applications developed across multiple servers. Data loss can be catastrophic in most environments, resulting in the loss of days or weeks of productivity.

For these reasons, backup management and anti-virus protection is vital to a successful groupware implementation. A well thought-out backup management strategy can reduce lost productivity due to hardware or software failure. A proven anti-virus software solution acquisition can also deter painstaking, tormenting hours of "cleaning" up your data network volumes and client stations.


Dejai is a partner of Symantec, a world leader in Internet security technology, which provides a broad range of content and network security solutions to individuals and enterprises. The company is a leading provider of virus protection, vulnerability assessment, intrusion prevention, Internet content and e-mail filtering, remote management technologies and security services to enterprises around the world. Symantec's Norton brand of consumer security products leads the market in worldwide retail sales and industry awards.




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