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Many of today's mid-market businesses are experiencing high growth in employees and new office sites, as well as change in the number and types of applications running on their networks.

Many of these businesses require that their networks scale from providing basic connectivity to supporting strategic Internet business applications, such as supply chain management, business-to-business e-commerce and customer relationship management, as well as accommodating additional voice and video traffic.

These mid-sized networks must retain the simplicity, price/performance and ease of integration of their current networks while providing enterprise-class capabilities to support the demands of these new Internet business applications.

Now, with a Dejai switching solution, customers can build robust LANs with desktop and routing switches to provide a full range of intelligent network services and see significant improvements in network capacity and performance.

Dejai switching solutions offers high performance, great scalability, simple management and high availability.

Routers provide cable operators with a cost-effective, scalable, and feature-rich interface between subscriber cable modems and the backbone data network. Dejai supplies routers that enable cable operators to provide Internet access to their customers while maximising the efficiency of their network bandwidth utilisation, which in turn allows the operators to derive higher profits from the same scarce network resources.

Dejai offers routers that extend fast, cost-effective connections to small and medium-sized businesses, with the power to share information, connect remote locations, and access the Internet.


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