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Dejai ensures that the changes to your facilities and people have a positive outcome to your business. From stack planning through to engaging carriers, Dejai actively manages the relocation process.
Dejai can prepare a comprehensive facility brief for your Real Estate agent or property consultants to accurately fulfill your accommodation requirements.

Dejai works hard to achieve your project's success on time and on budget. From cost plans and programs to project delivery, we promise a practical and cost effective approach to the task to achieve the best result.

The key to a successful relocation, irrespective of the size or distance being covered, is the attention to detail in ensuring total administrative control and effective communication is maintained throughout the entire process.

When you utilise the services of Dejai you are guaranteed of our total attention in delivering all your relocation requirements. Our Move Management process is a system of proactive planning, communication and follow up that takes each relocation through a predetermined sequence to ensure optimum control, premier service and a hassle free relocation. It is your guarantee of a successful outcome to your relocation needs.


  • Facility Brief
  • Review of Premises and advice
  • Budgets
  • Programs
  • Prepare procedures, moving guidelines and general information for staff
  • partitioning,
  • Move coordination and on-site supervision
  • Liaise with security, building management and staff
  • Furniture audits, disposal of -excess furniture, staff sales etc.
  • delivery
  • office design
  • Prepare and monitor a paper reduction and archival strategy
  • Stack Planning
  • Move Scheduling/Decanting
  • Retain carriers and contractors
  • Workstation Installations


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