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Dejai Deskside Support can provide comprehensive answers to common PC issues. Our Help Desk system ensures efficient allocation of required field engineering resources and parts delivery.

Previously captured problem information and suggestions for corrections are passed to the responding engineers, facilitating continued troubleshooting and eliminating redundancy in problem determination.

Dejai offers regular preventive maintenance and repair services in your computing environment.
Whether you need highly specialized skills to address an infrequent issue or your resources are fully allocated to other projects, Dejai is committed to meeting your requirements. We provide the resources to help you get the job done right. Dejai works with you to define the maintenance service levels for all your equipment.

Every unit returned to Dejai for repair undergoes a comprehensive diagnostic process to isolate defective or weak components. Dejai technicians follow precise procedures to repair equipment, and only use genuine components. As we have immediate access to all product engineering specifications and the entire history of a product's equipment maintenance, you are assured of accurate and timely repair services.


The name says it all: pcAnywhere

Symantec's pcAnywhere is designed for the travelling IT professional who needs to be able to link with his or her office computer anytime, day or night, from anywhere in the world and work on files on the host computer. It enables the user to link either by direct phone line or over the Internet and gives the option of setting up their computer as a host or as a network gateway for other computers
Alternatively you can use your computer to connect to the host to transfer files, or to remotely control the host.

There are a number of advantages for the person who is constantly on the road or who wants to work from home on a laptop, one of the main ones being that it gives the user access to large files and applications without having to load them on to the laptop. pcAnywhere is versatile enough to operate with almost any modem, ranging from a standard modem to ISDN, cable and even infrared connection.

It has an excellent security system, handles firewalls and virtual private networks as well, and the latest version can now use Yahoo! Pager to connect over the Internet. pcAnywhere will log all activity including unauthorised attempts to access the host computer.

Key Features

  • Enhance security with more security features than any other remote control solution
  • Increase helpdesk productivity and access servers remotely
    Improved file transfer
  • New: Define policy settings, generate MSI files or self-extracting executables, and customize installations with new pcAnywhere Packager
  • New: Remote Access Perimeter Scanner detects unprotected remote access products on your network and phone lines
  • New: Web-based deployment means faster and easier installations




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