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Network Health check - $199

Do you really know the current state of your network and its surrounding infrastructure? What's missing and what's been missed? Dejai Health Checks from our base-line defence, allowing you to understand your network and how it is configured better. When you understand your network better and know what needs to be done, planning and budgeting becomes a key capability in your IT defence strategy.

Network analysis is a vital tool to help businesses locate and handle problem areas on their network. With this service, we come in and visit your network to gather statistical information from your intelligent network devices.

When performing a health check we provide you with:

  • An overall assessment of your network health.
  • Engineer recommendations and comments about what was found.
  • A summary and assessment of all server hardware.
  • An assessment of the health of your servers
  • An indication of how vulnerable you are to viruses attack.
  • Your Internet security and vulnerability assessed.
  • An indication the health of an example set of workstation

The Dejai technology planning service allows you to spend less time managing your IT resources and more time managing your business. With our latest products, Dejai delivers more efficient and affordable, technology solutions guaranteed to promote business growth.
Dejai networks are built with products from the industry's networking leaders. Dejai provides a single point of accountability for procuring the latest in networking technology. We offer guaranteed quality of service, sales and support for all your networking needs. Our experience ensures that our qualified technicians will provide expert solutions that are delivered with satisfaction.



With Dejai's VPN (Virtual Private Network), businesses are assured of secure, reliable connections with dependable, high performance communications guaranteed by Dejai's unique service level agreements.
Traditionally, VPNs have utilised the Internet to carry the private data through to the end-customer location, requiring tunnelling techniques and encryption (PPTP, IPSEC, GRE, etc). This means your confidential information may not be as secure as you would like.With the Dejai VPN solution, your data never leaves our secure network and is terminated on a your own virtual VPN server

Dejai VPN utilises the core Dejai network to provide a secure nationwide VPN. The Dejai VPN solution utilises private data sessions from each branch location which are passed through to the Dejai core network where the customer-dedicated VPN virtual server is located. Data is able to route to any branch office without the need to bypass a head office. Dejai VPN delivers on the promise of reliable, cost-effective communications for better performing business systems and ecommerce.

Privacy & Security Benefits:

  • Separate physical & virtual infrastructure end-to-end
  • Data stays within Request private network it does not traverse the Internet
  • Access security is maintained by the firewall functionality of the Request Customer Premise Router (more on this later)

Multi-service enabled:

  • Private VPN can be combined with Internet access
  • Separate data session ensures VPN stays secure
  • The Dejai management network extends to all network devices including separate access to the Customer Premise Router (Dejai Managed)
  • Multi-service for Managed CPEs only:
    - VPN only if Self-Managed CPE
    - Multi-Service introduces increased complexity



  • Availability: A server cluster can automatically detect the failure of an application or server, and quickly restart it on a surviving server. Users only experience a momentary pause in service.
  • Manageability: A server cluster lets administrators quickly inspect the status of all cluster resources, and easily move workload around onto different servers within the cluster. This is useful for manual load balancing, and to perform "rolling updates" on the servers without taking important data and applications offline.
  • Scalability: "Cluster-aware" applications can do dynamic load balancing and scale across multiple servers within a cluster

  • Flexibility - Go where "wire" cannot go; when you move offices, take the network with you.
  • Affordability - Wireless networks for your business eliminates the cost to "wire" the office.
  • Scalability - Your network will grow as your business grows, users can be added progressively.
  • Portability - Roam within a building and stay connected to your network.

It could be computer virus by an anonymous hacker or deliberate sabotage by a disgruntled employee. It could be a serious hardware failure. It could even be a discovery of industrial contamination that results in your facility being quarantined or a secondary strike that results in non-employees barring access to your building. The list is long and nearly unbounded.

The Dejai full suite of high-availability, mission-critical, and business recovery products and services together represent the Dejai business continuity solution for IT. Dejai can help establish an effective set of procedures that will protect you and your organisation, giving you the knowledge and confidence that if something does go wrong you will not suffer any more than you have planned.

Dejai can help companies maintain or recover their critical IT-based business processes following natural disasters, man-made disasters, and critical hardware/software failures



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