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Dejai Rentals is the modern way to finance  computer and office technology for your  home, home office or business. We specialise in rental programs tailored to suit small to medium businesses, home  users and corporate enterprise. We provide our customers and suppliers with innovative products and services, which is  why we are recognised as one of Australia's fastest growing companies.

Dejai Rentals provides you with the rental facility to acquire the equipment you want. So, rather than outlay your working capital to purchase equipment (that you may need to replace in a few years), you should rent it and spread the cost over 2, 3, or 4 years.

Easy monthly payments make it affordable to get the equipment you want rather than what your cash budget may restrict you to. And if you use the equipment for work related purposes, your monthly payments are typically tax deducible.

So whether you need a laptop for your home office or are a business wanting to upgrade your workstations, Dejai Rentals can help you stay ahead.


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