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Microsoft Great Plains is a complete end-to-end management solution for b2b and b2c e-commerce. Our universal e-commerce products make it easy to set up your b2b or b2c e-commerce site in virtually any customised way. Our unique component-based platform takes care of all the development work of any generic e-commerce functions, leaving you with comfortable, user-friendly interfaces that you may adopt and customise in your business.

Microsoft Great Plains e-business backbone can provide the catalyst your business needs to make the leap to fully embrace the new e-economy. With comprehensive e-commerce applications, plus integration of the Internet throughout eEnterprise, you'll be able to realise the benefits of e-business faster and more profitably.

b2b e-commerce applications allow companies manage partner relationships over the Internet or an extranet. With b2b e-commerce applications, companies can eliminate multiple layers of wasted effort from a vast array of transactions-ordering, purchase order preparation, pricing changes, billing, payment and order tracking.

Microsoft Great Plains, the leading provider of b2b integration solutions, provides integration capabilities that will allow business documents to be seamlessly exchanged over the Internet between companies within Microsoft Great Plains' interconnected business community.

Microsoft Great Plains eEnterprise provides midmarket customers with integrated, direct links to buyers and suppliers, connecting customers to major b2b marketplaces and enabling real-time, interactive communication through the Internet, regardless of existing technology infrastructure.

eEnterprise b2b leverages all industry standards and protocols including XML, RosettaNet, OAGIS, cXML, CBL and OBI, among others to securely translate electronic business data and

automate critical business processes such as customer relations, procurement and financial services, supply chain management, logistics and sell-side/buy-side e-commerce.

Microsoft Great Plains' Web-based interconnected business community will deliver personalised, end-to-end business processes, community interactions and buying power aggregation to any interconnected community member. Community members include Microsoft Great Plains' network of more than 130,000 customers, 2,200 team members and a worldwide network of 2,000 members and the organisations with whom they interact.
The interconnected business community will enable organisational and operational excellence, streamline business processes and improve the economics for its members.

eEnterprise will allow our partners and customers to maximise their solution investments by extending the benefits those solutions provide to their own customers, suppliers and trading partners.

Microsoft Great Plains is committed to helping its customers and partners accelerate their own e-commerce initiatives and realise the economic benefits of b2b e-commerce.


Business-to-consumer companies win big by giving up...and getting in return. Many companies were forced to build all their site infrastructure systems from the ground up when they started b2c several years ago. And that meant everything-from soup-to-nuts-even including core framework systems like content management.

But as b2c companies expand, they face severe growing pains with home grown systems. With extensive staff operations, many now want to add secure workflow approval and extend their infrastructure to multiple foreign countries as they expand the number of products or services it sells up to tens-of-thousands.

Microsoft Great Plains provides a single solution for the entire set of challenges facing b2c e-commerce companies. Microsoft Great Plains is an Internet-based Content Management system that offers a networked central repository that can be securely accessed from employees or partners anywhere on the Web.

It offers off-the-shelf integration to popular desktop applications. Microsoft Great Plains libraries can be replicated to multiple servers worldwide for archive or hot back-up, resulting in high performance and uptime rates.
It offers robust workflow for approval and expiration of content. In addition, Microsoft Great Plains offers the best support of any content management system for distribution, via multiple channels, including Internet and Intranet sites, print catalogs, syndication, and WAP. Microsoft Great Plains supports open standards like XML, ASP/JSP, Java, and C++ for integration to Web application platforms and point solutions using Internet standards for maximum flexibility.

It offers a unique help to out-of-the-box support for multiple editions and 'packages'. These features efficiently manage 100,000s content items for multiple editions of large catalogs and Web sites. Microsoft Great Plains offers distribution of managed content to multiple format types, including XML, to syndicate product listings and other content to partners over the Web or private networks.

By giving up their old systems and implementing Microsoft Great Plains, the companies are able to implement new initiatives and expand operations without diverting strained development resources and attain a scalable system that provides a significant differentiation from their competition with reduced costs.


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