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2. Predict and manage your support costs and effectiveness
Outsourcing allows you the luxury of knowing exactly how much your monthly costs will be for supporting your applications and allows you to know exactly the level of service and responsiveness to expect.


3. Faster response
Expect problem resolution to be faster and more complete? You got it. In fact, you should see that the management, monitoring, reporting, and security of your applications and infrastructure are more efficient and effective than when conducted internally.

4. Less complexity
Imagine never having to worry about the ever-increasing complexity of application and infrastructure management.

As new features and functionality are added to applications, managing them becomes increasingly challenging. Patches and software updates are now released daily, instead of once or twice a year. Figuring out the impact of these updates on your existing system can also be a problem. In an outsourced environment, those applications are run by a company that does nothing but manage these complexities. Day in and day out.

5. Peace of mind. 24/7
Best of all, you get your weekends and evenings back. By using a top application services outsourcer, like Internet, your in-house IT folks can stop pulling their hair out every time a new application is added to the infrastructure. No more calls from to the applications people from your IT people in the evenings and on the weekends either. Give the headaches to an IT services outsourcer and focus your time, effort, and budget on activities that are going to drive revenue for you.


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