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Dejai provides high-quality and cost-effective cabling solutions that exceed Australian & International standards.

Offering fiber, voice, data and integrated cabling systems and connectivity products for communication applications, we can design and install a fast, reliable, state of the art network, using solutions from the world's best manufacturers. We learn about your system and your organisation's needs in order to provide the solution that best suits you. And we won't rest until we've supplied you with the best service and expertise.

Whether you're looking to fiber to play a small or large role in your network, we can provide the facts and advice to help you make a decision. Dejai can help you evaluate your possible solutions to determine whether a fiber installation is the right choice for you.


  • Fiber cabling is practically error-free and immune to interference. It's secure, and it can handle generous amounts of bandwidth
  • Fiber optic cable's large bandwidth translates into a lower cost per unit of information transmitted than that of copper cables and it is completely immune to EMI and RFI
  • It is compact and easy to install
  • It does not require special routing in the office and is becoming more affordable.
  • Fiber's bandwidth makes it "future-proof" - it can handle tomorrow's requirements as well as today's demands.
  • The glass fiber is perfect for use in caustic and high temperature environments. Also fiber optic transmissions are not disturbed by lightning-induced current, electromagnetic, or radio frequency interference.
  • A fiber optic cabling system's inherently lower attenuation allows communications to transmit over much longer distances than is possible with copper cabling systems, thus saving the cost of repeaters or amplifiers.
  • The installation and maintenance of fiber optic cabling systems have become cost competitive with that of copper cabling systems.




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