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Improve your bottom-line with professional quality in-house printing solutions from Dejai. Years of innovation and award-winning reliability have made HP, a tier one partner of Dejai, the leader in color printing, networking, scanning, and multifunction products.

HP is the only vendor with a complete line of market leading color products. From desktop printers to shared devices, color scanners, digital senders, and multifunction devices. Whatever your needs, HP has an affordable, best-in-class, color solution.

Print quality and speed are only part of the story. Especially if you rely on your printer day in and day out. Since many users have access to a limited number of color printers, making sure those printers are reliable is critical. As is ensuring that the manufacturer has a dependable and knowledgeable support staff.

Dejai is committed to providing consumers with technology that helps them tap into their creativity and enrich their lives. We're delivering new tools and solutions that combine the power of the Internet with innovative, easy-to-use imaging products.
For the ultimate creativity experience, capture, edit, and publish high-quality digital images with our unique blend of powerful and flexible hardware and imaging software. And with the support of the Dejai highly skilled technicians, consumers can pursue their creativity with confidence.

Did you know that printing with color in communications can improve comprehension by 75 percent? Increase readership by 40 percent? And accelerate learning from 55 to 75 percent? Check out our visual demonstration. Color is the easiest and most effective way to increase the clarity of a document." And with HP color inkjet printers as low as $149, color is more affordable than ever.

HP offers a complete line of affordable color solutions designed to meet the needs of any business -- from small to enterprise. Whether you need a desktop or departmental printer, a color scanner, digital sender, or multifunction device, HP has the right product. At the right price.

Affordable to buy and affordable to use:
- save on outsourcing costs
- multifunction devices make adding color affordable
- best-in-class network management
- smaller file sizes minimize network traffic and increase performance
- industry-leading reliability and support

With an HP color printer, you can print black text documents for roughly the same cost as a comparable black and white printer.

With HP's brilliant photo-quality output, you don't have to compromise document quality. Hp's PhotoRet and ImageRet technologies layer multiple colors within a single dot and vary the amount of toner in a given area to provide stunning output without decreased printer performance.

And some HP color printers offer ColorSmart II, which automatically enables optimal color output by utilizing object tagging and standard RGB (sRGB), an industry standard developed by HP and Microsoft Corporation.

The HP OfficeJet 720 offers color printing, plain-paper faxing, copying, and scanning in one easy-to-use device. Use it to add color and impact to your faxes.

The HP 9100C Digital Sender converts hardcopy into digital color documents that you can e-mail anywhere, anytime. In addition to increasing productivity and improving image quality, the HP 9100C Digital Sender reduces overnight mail usage and virtually eliminates long-distance fax charges.

Studies show that even a 15 percent reduction in communication costs for a Fortune 500 company could result in an annual savings of $2 million. How much could your company save using the HP 9100C Digital Sender?

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