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E-mail is a vital communications tool for every organisation and Internet Mail Hosting offers convenient and low cost solutions. Equip your business with a professional email service designed specifically for use in businesses and organisations.

  • Affordable: We provide your business with a reliable, fixed cost solution that we can customise to suit your needs
  • Set-up in a snap: Be operable within as little as 1 business days with no technical experience necessary! We work with you every step up of the way.
  • Compare Us: Compare Internet Mail with the competition and you'll see we win every time!

Dialup Internet
Business customers demand high performance and reliability: Internet has the network to match. Our "no busy signal" eliminates annoying delays, whilst our high-capacity backbone connections (totalling over 100 Mbps) ensure top peformance at all times of day and night. The network is built with equipment from Cisco Systems, the world's most reputable network vendor. Full Technical Support
Business customers enjoy priority access to the Internet HelpDesk. The HelpDesk operates from 8am to 7pm providing free assistance via both telephone and e-mail. On-site assistance is also available in most locations for an additional charge. Our on-site staff are skilled in network administration, router maintenance and other important business areas.

Local Call Access
Local call access is available across Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, and parts of eastern Victoria. Customers travelling interstate can simply use the closest dialup number; no changes are required to other software settings.

Access email anywhere
Internet allows customers to read and write e-mail using any web browser - anywhere in the world. This service is invaluable for business users; Internet allows e-mail to be accessed from airport lounges, Internet cafes - any Internet-connected computer. It is simple and fast to use. No special software is required.

Domain Name Registration and Hosting
A "domain name" is an organisation's identity on the Internet: It can be used for both e-mail and website addresses. A domain name allows e-mail addresses to be customised in the form In fact, everybody in the organisation can have an individual address.

Domain names are available in different categories, the most popular being .COM, .NET, .COM.AU, and .NET.AU. Additional domains have also become available including .BIZ. All domain names are accessible worldwide. Generally, businesses operating within Australia usually choose a .COM.AU domain name, or if their preferred name is not available, a .NET.AU domain. Businesses which trade overseas typically prefer a .COM address; these are perceived as "global" names and less country-specific.

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