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Internet Broadband delivers the performance and reliability demanded in today's business environment. Supporting transfer speeds of up to 6 Megabits/second, broadband is up to 100 times faster than a traditional modem. Internet brings broadband Internet to businesses large and small. It is a fully managed end-to-end service so that broadband access is simple and easy for you and your business.

How it works
It's very simple: Internet shares an ordinary telephone line. A special device ("line splitter") is installed on the line; it splits the signal between the telephone and modem. Unlike traditional modems, both the telephone and broadband can be used simultaneously. Broadband is "always-on", meaning no phone call charges to the Internet service.

Speed-wise, broadband is a performance revolution. The following table compares the potential performance of broadband compared to older technologies.

File Size
56K modem
128 kilobytes
30 seconds
16 seconds
4 seconds
1 second
6 megabytes
24 minutes
12.5 minutes
3.1 minutes
32 seconds
40 megabytes
2.7 hours
1.4 hours
21 minutes
3.5 minutes

For many customers, DSL saves thousands of dollars per year (compared to ISDN).

Business Features - Static IP
Internet broadband supports the features demanded by business - Static IP addresses, IP subnet routing (multiple IP addresses), firewall protection, multi-user access. On-site installation is standard. Internet also offers hosting of Domain Names, Websites and E-mail to complement the broadband connection.

Full Technical Support
Business customers enjoy priority access to the Internet HelpDesk. The HelpDesk operates 7 days a week, providing free assistance via both telephone and e-mail. On-site assistance is also available in most locations for an additional charge. Our on-site staff are skilled in network administration, router maintenance and other Internet specific areas.

Hardware Requirements
Internet broadband is compatible with Windows (95, 98, NT4, 2000, Me) and Macintosh systems. Special packages are available for multi-user environments.

Migration Manager
Business customers who are upgrading to Internet from other providers are assigned a Migration Manager (free of charge). The role of the Migration Manager is to coordinate any changes that are necessary during the installation process. Our Managers liaise directly with customers; changeover work can be undertaken on weeknights and weekends - whenever it is most convenient for you.

Broadband pricing for Business
Internet broadband has a simple pricing structure. The installation charge depends on the contract term chosen. The monthly charge comprises a base fee (including a certain amount of data), plus a usage (megabyte) charge for additional data. Additional service options are charged separately.
Broadband provides a dedicated service for businesses, which doesn't compromise speed and security while accessing the Internet.

Broadband offers a better price/performance ratio than other services such as Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) lines. It uses high-speed Symmetric DSL (SHDSL) technology, which is a type of broadband technology that delivers extremely fast bandwidth over existing twisted-pair copper telephone lines, eliminating the need for the expensive building of a new data infrastructure.

Reliability, Dejai's business grade broadband network is 'always-on', continually providing you with the tools to make your business work every day and every night.Economical, our products are cost effective when compared with ISDN, Satellite or other Digital services, allowing you more funds to deploy to other crucial areas of your business. It is a fully managed end-to-end service so that broadband access is simple and easy for you and your business.

Broadband pricing for Business
Broadband Internet Access (DSL)

Access Plan
Once off connection
Downloads Included
Excess Download
$365 per month
$135 - Bulk buy 1,000MB per month
$0.14.5 per MB
$265 per month
$135- Bulk buy 1,000MB per month
$0.14.5 per MB


$205 per month
$135- Bulk buy 1,000MB per month
$0.14.5 per MB
$495 per month
$135- Bulk buy 1,000MB per month
$0.14.5 per MB
ADSL 2mb/384kps
$295 per month
$135- Bulk buy 1,000MB per month
$0.14.5 per MB


$165 per month
$135- Bulk buy 1,000MB per month
$0.14.5 per MB
Prices subject to change

Key benefits of using Dejai broadband include:

  • An "always-on" connection, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Industry leading Service Level Agreement (SLA) - Guaranteed 'up' time of 99.6%
  • Business grade connection to your business, not running on a shared infrastructure as cable modem does
  • More affordable than current services like ISDN or satellite
  • There is no engaged signal or line drop-out
  • Can be relied upon to perform at top speeds
  • Simple and easy installation
  • Supports static IP addresses which means suitable for server hosting
  • Installation is always performed by qualified technicians within 21 business days
  • 24-hour monitoring and fault detection
  • No special configuration needed for an end-user's PC because all that is required is a Cisco router installed at the customer's premises
  • Up to 254 users can be supported on a single line
  • Business-grade performance using existing copper telephone line
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