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DSL is the technology that converts ordinary telephone lines into broadband data and telecommunications networks.

Network connections are the copper wires or twisted copper pair that extend from the equipment located within the local telephone exchange to your business premises, and ultimately to your PC or Local Area Network. DSL is the technology that converts this ordinary copper pair to be capable of high speed data access.

Also part of your network connection is a DSL end point device (to be included as part of your Internet service that connects the twisted pair to your network

The network boundary device is normally a DSL capable router. It connects to your PC or local area network ensuring that wide area network traffic flows to the Internet network, and vice versa.

Your network connection, and those of other Internet customers, terminates in a connection point, located in the local telephone exchange. The Connection Point houses our Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexers, or simply DSLAMs. A DSLAM multiplexes your network traffic onto Internet's high-speed "back haul" network, and on to the Internet Point of Aggregation (POA).

Internet will deploy DSLAMs and DSL routers from Cisco Systems and will have special status as a Cisco Powered Network. Internet also equips our connection points with Metallic Loop Test Devices, or MLTs.

Internet uses Turnstone's Copper Cross-Connect system to provide this functionality. The twisted pair from your location will be connected to an MLT port. Via the MLT, Internet can proactively verify the quality and capability of your copper connection prior to installation, and at any time remotely test your twisted-pair wiring to allow rapid troubleshooting and resolution of wiring issues and network faults.

The POA is Internet's communication point within a city. Our POAs are located in secure facilities with 24 X 7 physical access control, redundant power systems, and redundant environmental systems to ensure the highest possible level of reliability.

Our Cisco Systems ATM switches and core routers operate within the POAs. These routers will provide very high speed switching to ensure low latency transfer of your data. In addition, our POAs will be pre-designed to house application servers to enable value-added solutions like multimedia, voice, data and video over a single connection, to be provided in secure intranets and extranets for our customers.

Service providers will interconnect with the request DSL network at local POAs. This will enable these service providers to offer DSL based broadband solutions

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