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What do I need before I order broadband?

  • A computer (refer next question)
  • A telephone line (usually the same line you use for voice calls). Note that, even when broadband modem is being used, you can also use the telephone. You do not need a separate telephone line for the broadband router.
  • broadband availability in your area

What computer do I need to use broadband?
The minimum configurations are listed in the following table. If you don't know whether your computer is compatible, please call the Internet Voice & Data team. We'll be happy to help you

Operating System
Memory (RAM)
Hard Drive Space
Windows 98
32 MB
100 MB

- CD-ROM drive

- Space PCI or ISA slot (for an Ethernet card), or PCMCIA port on notebook computers.

Windows 2000
64 MB
100 MB
Windows 95
32 MB
100 MB
Windows NT4
32 MB
100 MB
Macintosh OS8 or OS9
iMac, iBook, G3 or G4
32 MB
100 MB

- CD-ROM drive
- Ethernet port, or spare PCI slot

Is Linux or FreeBSD supported?
Linux and FreeBSD installations vary widely, therefore Internet Voice & Data does not support them directly. Customers are welcome to use Linux on their own accord. We recommend an Ethernet-based broadband router for ease of use with Linux and FreeBSD. PPPoE drivers for Linux are freely available (PPPoE drivers are not necessary if the router is operating in "bridging" mode).

What is the process for installing broadband?

  • Check that broadband is available in your area,
  • Order your broadband service from Internet Voice & Data.
  • Internet Voice & Data will begin processing your order. Firstly, we will check that broadband is available on your telephone line. This process, known as "service qualification".
  • We will contact you to confirm installation. We will schedule an approximate date for our technician to visit.

Who will install my broadband service?
Dejai will provide professional installation and set up. Note that a separate "splitter" is required for each telephone handset that is connected to the telephone line which is shared with the broadband router. The splitter enables the telephone to operate at the same time as the router.

What if I have and existing broadband service?
Please indicate this on your Internet Voice & Data broadband order form. Our technicians will contact you to determine whether an on-site visit is required (it may be possible to simply adjust settings by telephone). Discounts may apply if you already own a broadband router.

Can I obtain a static IP Address?
Static IP addresses are supported on Internet Voice & Data Business broadband services: Please indicate this requirement on your Order Form.

Can Dejai route my existing IP network?
Up to 5 sub network ranges are routable over a Internet Voice & Data Business broadband service. Please complete the relevant section of the order form. If your network ranges are currently routed by another ISP we will contact you to arrange a migration date.


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