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what equipment can Dejai provide?
Dejai can provide everything you need to get online straight away

Cisco 828-DSL, 827-DSL routers:

Part of the award-winning Cisco 800 series, the Cisco 826, 827, and 828 DSL routers provide ADSL or G.SHDSL access with business class features. The Cisco 827 and Cisco 827-4V support ADSL over POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) lines.

The Cisco 827 and Cisco 826 are data only models while the Cisco 827-4V supports Voice over IP and Voice over ATM. The Cisco 828 is a data only model supporting G.SHDSL which is standards based symmetrical DSL technology.

The 820 series routers are ideal for up to 20 users in a small office or as an enterprise telecommuting solution, supporting scalable, secure, quality, and proven business solutions such as:

  • Business-class security with support for stateful firewalls and IPSec VPNs
  • Toll quality voice (Cisco 827-4V)
  • Differentiated Classes of Service through Quality of Service features
  • Support for Service Level Agreements


Cisco 1751 Router

The Cisco 1751 Modular Access Router delivers a flexible, integrated data access solution for small branch offices and small and medium-sized businesses providing a tailored access solution.

Preparing a small or medium-sized business or small branch office for the future means implementing networking equipment with three critical characteristics:

flexibility to adapt to changing requirements, features and performance to support new WAN services, and integration of multiple network functions to simplify deployment and management operations.

The Cisco 1751 access router delivers all of these capabilities in a modular, integrated and platform. With the 1751, customers can build an access solution that offers the flexibility and performance they need to maintain a competitive edge in today's Internet driven economy.

The Cisco 1751 access router offers the following components:

  • One auto sensing 10/100 Fast Ethernet LAN port
  • Two modular WAN interface card slots that support a wide array of WAN interfaces
  • One auxiliary (AUX) port (up to 115.2 Kbps asynchronous serial)
  • One console port
  • RISC processor for high-performance encryption
  • One internal expansion slot for VPN Hardware Encryption Module which provides wire speed VPN performance at T1/E1 speeds
  • Broadband xDSL and cable connectivity


Can Internet Voice & Data route my existing IP Network?
Yes, we offer support for IP routing. Up to four distinct networks may be routed. Additional charges may apply.

How secure is my broadband Internet connection?
No Internet connection is 100% secure - regardless of which Internet provider is used. Put simply, some connections are "less insecure" than others. Most security principles which apply to dial-up modem connections also apply to broadband.

Dejai can provide whatever level of security you require and always recommend the use of firewalls with a broadband connection.


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