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In the constantly changing world of technology, flexibility is everything. The Evo D500 Ultra-slim Desktop provides this flexibility you need together with innovative solutions. Convert the Evo D500 Ultra-slim Desktop to a tower configuration utilising an included user configurable tower stand. Seventy-five percent smaller than the average desktop PC, its slim design keeps the monitor at a low, comfortable eye level while taking up minimal desktop space.

The Evo D500 Ultra-slim Desktop offers a standard legacy-free configuration with the flexibility to add an optional snap-on legacy module (includes serial, parallel and PS/2 ports) to free IT administrators of the burden of activating ports at each individual workstation. Reduced legacy dependency means lower acquisition costs, fewer software and hardware conflicts, fewer pieces to manage, and lower support costs throughout the life of the PC.
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  • Pentium 4 1.7GHz, Intel 845G Chipset
  • 512MB DDR-Synch DRAM PC2100 (266MHz), 2 DIMM Slots
  • 20GB SMART III Ultra ATA/100 5400Rpm Hard Drives
  • Integrated Intel Extreme Graphics
  • Integrated Intel PRO/100 VM NIC
  • 24X CD-ROM
  • Integrated Intel Audio with Premium Internal Speaker
  • 5 USB Ports (1 front & 4 rear)
  • Legacy module port (option to add serial, parallel and PS/2 ports)
  • 2 Bays: 1x HDD Internal, 1x Multibay
  • Tower stand
  • Windows XP Professional
  • Office XP
  • Ultra-slim, lightweight design - up to 75% smaller than a traditional desktop PC!
  • Versatile form factor can be configured as a desktop or tower (via stand)
  • Remarkably low acoustics (28db) and power requirements (50w)
  • Hot-swappable MultiBay device (interchangeable with Evo notebooks)
  • optional snap-on legacy module (PS2, serial and parallel ports)
  • Integrated MultiPort connector to support technologies such as wireless and Bluetooth
  • Monitor not included
* Limited availability at Compaq promotional pricing.
EVO D510 USDT P4/1.7/512/20/CDS/ XPP/OFFICE XP
(this package is Compaq Promotional only, Monitor not included)

We were initially approached by our customer to help them upgrade their system. What they had in mind was a server for their mail and one for their file and print. They wanted to put MS Windows 2000 Server on both and MS Exchange Server on their mail server.

Using this approach they would have had to pay for two servers, two different copies of server software and two different types of client access licenses (CALs) plus the service hours to install it all and that was only stage one.

Stage two was to implement improved system security using MS Proxy Server, an MS SQL server database, as well as remote access for their two sales reps working locally and interstate. This was going to mean a third server, another three copies of server software and more CALs.

We listed all their requirements and it was immediately obvious to us that MS Small Business Server 2000 (SBS) was going to be perfect for them.

SBS is a bundled software suite designed with the small business with under fifty users in mind. It offers MS Exchange Server (with outlook web access), Internet and Security Server (MS Proxy Server), MS Front Page (web authoring) shared fax services, shared modem services, MS SQL server and terminal services (remote access)

SBS cost them a fraction of what it would normally cost to implement all these systems and runs form a single server, which meant lower maintenance and hardware costs.

SBS gave them the room to grow their business without being restricted by software and hardware costs, they only had to buy one piece of software and their users only needed one access license, it was simple, cost effective and the reliability contributed to an overall increase in productivity, efficiency, and office morale.

Our customer has been delighted with the transition to SBS and is confident that the BackOffice family of products will serve their growing company well into the future.They have this advice for others considering SBS: "Do it. Make the investment. If you depend on your computer system and you don't have time to play with it, SBS is the product for you."

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  • New sales Manger - John Kad


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