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Dejai prides itself on providing leading edge solutions. Our new partnership with Citrix is just another step forward in equipping our valued clients with technology that will give them the competitive edge.

Citrix is a Global leader in application server software and services. Founded in 1989, Citrix now has over 1,300 employees in 12 countries worldwide.

By reducing cost and complexity in deploying enterprise applications globally, Citrix application server software and services enable companies to gain a competitive edge. Specifically, they allow companies to enjoy predictable, affordable and secure access to business-critical applications, as well as greater reach and faster deployment time.

Citrix software and services provide companies the "Digital Independence™" to better leverage everything in their existing and planned computing environments - from operating systems to devices to applications to networks. They also enable companies to free themselves from the constraints associated with computing in the past.

MetaFrame extends the reach of Windows 2000 Server applications to non-Windows systems. MetaFrame eases deployment and manageability of business critical applications and reduces total cost of ownership through centralized application control.

Distributing applications throughout an enterprise can be time-consuming and expensive. But as the Test Center has seen in past reviews, Citrix MetaFrame is a simple yet effective method of running Windows applications on any platform. Now available for Windows 2000, this new version continues its main purpose of eliminating the need for installing enterprise-wide software distribution but also takes advantage of the new OS’ abilities and now can serve as an ASP.

Older but still very usable computers get a new lease of life with MetaFrame because the software centrally locates applications on a server downloading just the essentials to the client.
In addition, the client still has access to their local drives and printers while getting the full benefit of the remote execution of the software. MetaFrame is also ideal for non-Windows systems such as Unix and the MacOS.

MetaFrame 1.8 offers a complete server-based computing solution. It enables Windows applications to run on a dedicated server (or servers) and allows Windows, Macintosh, OS/2, Java, DOS and UNIX clients the ability to use these server-based applications. MetaFrame also supports new thin clients and other information appliances as well as centrally manageable platform that leverages the
current investment in equipment and infrastructure.

It also allows excellent security for applications, since both the data and the applications remain on the server. The supercharged Windows 2000 Terminal Services gives all the functionality afforded by standard services and also offers the local resources of a machine. Applications that are actually running on a remote server look and feel like they are running locally.

Multiple servers can be set up, and more can be added at any time, allowing a solution provider to distribute the load without changing anything on the local user machines. It allows the deployment of enterprise wide software at will, adding new, shared applications without distributing anything new to client machines.

Citrix MetaFrame was installed on a Compaq server using two Pentium III processors running at 833MHz with 512 Mbytes of ECRAM. Two 9.1-Gbyte hot-swappable drives were installed on a Compaq SmartArray controller and were set up as a single volume within Windows 2000.


The initial setup took about 15 minutes and went without incident. Installation was completed with a single CD that included both the server and client software. Client installation is even easier, literally taking 5 minutes to install and configure the client for the server. To test the software we published a number of applications to be tested on our small network. The network consisted of the MetaFrame server, three Pentium III clients, a Macintosh and even a 486 saved from the trash. We also had one remote laptop dialing in to test async functionality.

We tested a number of published applications and there wasn't a program we tried that didn’t work. Commentary MetaFrame 1.8 performed flawlessly, and demonstrated exceptional speed and stability, even when pushed to the limit. The program cannot magically create processor cycles, but does the most it can with what it is given (exceptionally so). The CRN Test Center was impressed with Citrix MetaFrame 1.8 and recommends it. –Michael Wroobel




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