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Why are customers increasingly turning to Dejai and its unique dedication to customer service? There are several reasons:

  • With Dejai, your company no longer has to waste time spent dealing with numerous suppliers and your staffs are freed to direct their time to more important tasks.
  • Dejai offers its customers the latest technology at competitive prices
  • Dejai has developed strategic tier one partnerships with leading IT vendors
  • The Dejai team are trained and qualified to bring the latest and most appropriate skills to your IT environment.
  • Because our engineers see a multitude of different technology problems every day, we are in an ideal position to resolve problems quickly, and help you avoid them in the future (by selecting more reliable and appropriate technology components).

... responsiveness and a real focus on client needs

  • Dejai has a variety of services to respond to your technology needs. We can assist customers over the phone, or onsite at your business.
  • Dejai customises offerings to the customer's specific requirements so clients get exactly what they want.
  • Dejai provides award-winning reliability, tailored service and customer support.
  • Dejai is dedicated to exceeding our customer's expectations and others who depend upon us.

... trustworthy advice and independent vendor status

  • Clients can be sure that our recommendations are based on our experience with the product and our understanding of your needs.
  • As an independent vendor, Dejai is able to advise on and supply technology solutions to best meet your needs, selected from a range of competing vendors.

... belief in technology for a purpose - not for its own sake

  • Dejai aims to enhance businesses and improve the lives of individuals through technology. Our business model depends on how useful we can make technology for you and your business. Therefore we will not provide technology unless we are sure that it will add value and make your life easier.

... we employ the best people

  • Dejai employs people that are highly intelligent and are excellent communicators. At Dejai, our staff are recruited and trained to clearly explain your technical problem, the options available and are people that clients like having around - and yes, they still know their stuff!


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